The digital crystal ball for Universities

21 September 2020
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Introducing the digital “crystal ball” for education centres in the UK


After a successful first half of 2020, Lead Ratings is bringing their predictive, AI-based lead scoring software to the UK. Hailed as a digital “crystal ball” by Spanish newspaper El Mundo after the launch in 2016, the company has enjoyed great success in the education sector, not only in Spain but around the world.

The CEO, Ricard Bonastre, has a proven track record. Having previously created eMagister, one of Spain’s largest online learning platforms (also available in the UK), he has made the most of his experience in education to create a solution that sits a cut above the rest.

There are other scoring platforms on the market, such as Marketo or HubSpot, but they all work on information that has been produced, such as previous enrolments. Bonastre explains:

“We give that first score before any operation takes place so that companies can adjust their treatment of customers more efficiently”

Lead Ratings launched almost two years ago and has never stopped growing. Recent investments from Banco Sabadell and ENISA have allowed Lead Ratings to expand internationally.


So, how does it work?


This AI-powered lead scoring predicts if a user that is navigating your website or has filled in an enquiry form will end up enrolling.

First of all, the lead is received and sent to Lead Ratings’ customisable API.

This innovative lead scoring platform then uses a predictive algorithm to identify the quality of leads by analysing their online behaviour and using demographic data like gender, source channel and postcode to find out whether that person responds to any of the patterns that have been previously registered and therefore analyses them to determine whether they are likely to convert.

The software can predict the conversion rate in real time using very little information and focussing on anonymous users.

This computed rating is returned and the data is then sent to the real time dashboard, allowing you to perform suitable actions in response to the results. 

Lead Ratings is designed to learn automatically using state of the art AI technology based on the results of each specific portal. The more data you have to work with, the faster the algorithm is able to learn. Once implemented, it can only improve, as the AI technology is constantly learning based on the actions your leads are taking.


How are education centres and universities set to benefit?


Just like a fortune teller would tell you, you can change the future, now that you know what it is. If you’re looking to increase sales (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then Lead Ratings can help you to accomplish this.

“Don’t count the people you reach, reach the people who count.” – David Ogilvy

The data that Lead Ratings can supply through machine learning allows marketing teams to focus their attention on the students that are most likely to enroll on the training courses.

This allows you to prioritise only the high quality leads in order to increase conversions and reduce efforts and sales costs on leads which are unlikely to convert. There’s no point spending time, energy and resources on leads which were never going to convert in the first place. This would be better spent elsewhere.

Training and education centres can also ensure that their most qualified leads are assigned to their best sales agents in order to further maximise conversion by giving these leads the utmost attention which will ensure that no opportunities are wasted. This also means that you’ll be able to manage more leads without the need to increase your sales team. 

Companies already using Lead Ratings have reported a 30% increase in conversion rate as well as a 20% reduction in sales costs, leading to a 40% increase in student enrolments overall. 

This data-driven approach to leads removes the need for guesswork and the subjectivity of traditional lead scoring methods to achieve great results. You can create new and more efficient workflows according to our lead segmentation and based on conversion probabilities.


A wealth of experience


We’ve already had our palms crossed with silver or, as we like to call it, experience. Lead Ratings are thought leaders in the education space with a wealth of experience through their clients and their board. 

The platform is the solution of choice for leading companies in the education and training sector including Grupo Planeta, the world’s largest Spanish language publishing group; eMagister, a top 10 worldwide education platform; and Unir, the largest online Spanish language university.

In fact, Lead Ratings have over 50 clients in the education and training industries and we have analysed the quality of more than 2 million leads a year. 

Iñigo Sanz, CMO of a training centre, IMPLIKA, says “Companies like Lead Ratings are the future of the lead market.”


Plug and play


It’s not difficult to implement Lead Ratings to your education centre’s usual operations. They offer one click integrations with any CRM system (Hubspot, Salesforce, Sugar, etc)  or database, ensuring a seamless customer view. Just plug in and start playing with this cloud software solution.


Still a sceptic?


If you still don’t believe in crystal balls then give our predictive software a try and discover the future for yourself for free. Get in touch today for a no-obligation, no cost demo and see how Lead Ratings could help you to qualify your leads. 


The future of lead qualification


In the next few years, online marketing is going to use artificial intelligence more and more. This AI technology will allow companies to identify their user profiles more easily and this will help them to interact with them before they even become a client. Interactions will be more personalised leading to reductions in inefficiencies and lead volume, allowing companies to concentrate on their most valuable leads.

We’ve seen the future and it’s packed full of qualified leads

Our results

Get ahead of the competition by contacting the most interested students first. 

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-25 %
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