Record student applications in 2021?

25 of January 2021

UCAS expects record student applications in 2021

The prediction comes as The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service delays the deadline for 2021 applications to the 29th January.

The twists and turns in the education sector keep coming. The latest, announced by UCAS last week, is a reaction to the latest lockdown imposed by the Government in England. Scotland and Wales have taken similar measures.

Schools across the country are, like during the first lockdown, closed to all students except those whose parents are key-workers. This has placed added pressure on the UCAS process, with many students yet to submit their applications.

As a result, GCSEs and A level exams will not be sat this summer. Students will instead be given a grade by their teachers which, in the case of year 13 students, will be the key to getting into their chosen Uni.

UCAS Chief Executive, Clare Marchant, said

“This decision to extend the deadline is about relieving the pressure not only on students, but also teachers and advisers.”

The worry is that students who do not have access to the technology needed to make a University application at home will be left behind. These extra 2 weeks will allow schools to safely give these students access to their facilities so they can make the final touches to their application.

Of the impact on Universities themselves, she thought that there would be “significant demands” on staff and students.

Most importantly, she predicted that we will see “the number of applications submitted by 29 January exceed the numbers we have seen in previous years.”

It’s true that Universities are faced with some of the biggest challenges in living memory this year. Dealing with record application numbers alongside remote learning for their current students, this is quickly becoming an “annus horribilis”.

It’s clear that systems that may have been fit for the job 5 years ago will need revamping in 2021. 

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