How Lead Ratings connects to any software?

The revolution of the API’s  

Historically, companies have been very opaque when it comes to connecting information from different sources. This is known as information silos. That’s why programming via API has proved to be a real revolution, despite very few companies use this system there is a growing trend towards connecting all your data sources.

Connecting all your information sources not only allows you to have a much more exhaustive control, but also allows you to harness your in favour of your business. 

How does Lead Ratings connect to other softwares?

Lead Ratings is the first predictive marketing SaaS on the Spanish market and since 2015 has been integrated in hundreds of clients’ platforms to optimise their recruitment and loyalty campaigns.

The main advantage of Lead Ratings over other types of solutions is that, as it is conceived in SaaS format, it allows for multiple integration systems, thus facilitating the operation of AI algorithms in companies.

To this end, Lead Ratings has developed three systems for implementing our algorithms:

Lead Ratings Platform
Lead Ratings API
Lead Ratings Connector


Lead Ratings Platform

For those companies that do not need to receive the predictions in real time, we have enabled a platform in which a user uploads a file with the leads or client database and receives the score and rating in a totally automated way and with zero integration in the client’s systems.

Lead Ratings API

The application that allows us to connect to any software solution. It provides great agility when it comes to integration with clients, as it allows several algorithms to be connected at the same time with the same API.

It also greatly reduces integration times. In a matter of hours you can have two perfectly connected applications. It has no call limit and its main advantage is that it works in real time, every time a lead comes in you receive our prediction in thousandths of a second

Lead Ratings Connector

The most interesting integration path for customers. Most CRM and marketing automation solutions allow developers to connect directly with their systems via their API.

How is this done?

There are the so-called app marketplaces where a SaaS company can develop an app and upload it in the platform marketplace. Users can access from there to multiple applications that are already directly connected within your system that can be activated with just a few clicks. Even the form of payment is made through the system itself. Examples of this method are Salesforce, Hubspot or WordPress marketplaces.

Other solutions have not developed this part of the marketplace as much, but allow you to connect easily via the Keys APIs. An API Key is a unique code that each company has and that allows the other applications to communicate with each other. Thanks to this you can connect and automate different data sources by sharing a simple code.

To make it easier for companies to integrate and activate the algorithms, we have developed a series of connectors for the main solutions on the market:

CRM Connectors

Connectors that allow us to integrate with customer management solutions.

Salesforce Connector

Predictive lead scoring within Salesforce itself. This is what we have developed for the world’s leading CRM. You can go directly to the Salesforce appexchange and download our app. In less than 10 steps you can have our lead scoring solution.

Hubspot Connector 

The inventor of inbound marketing, the other great CRM on the market. An integration as simple as sharing the API Key. Our connector allows you to access the lead table and develop the algorithm within Hubspot itself.


Zoho Connector

One of the most powerful CRMs on the market and one of the fastest growing in recent years. It is widely used in the education sector. Its marketplace is not as developed as Salesforce’s, but it does allow you to connect through the API Key easily.

Connectors for marketing automation

Connectors that allow us to integrate with marketing automation and mailing solutions.

Salesforce Pardot Connector

Integration with Salesforce’s cloud marketing system that powers Pardot’s marketing automation.

Active Campaign Connector

Active Campaign is perhaps the most complete marketing automations on the market, in many cases also used as a CRM because of its versatility. Now you can boost the reach of your campaigns with Lead Ratings.

Klaviyo Connector

One of the most implemented solutions in e-commerce businesses. The Lead Ratings connector will allow you to target campaigns to the most likely recurring customers and reactivate the most dormant users. The perfect tandem to improve loyalty and retention for online shops.

Other email marketing connectors

Act-on, Mautic or Mailchimp (the most iconic mailing tool) also allow direct connection with them. Now you can maximise the success of your email marketing campaigns.

Data Visualisation Connectors

Connectors that allow you to visualise the performance of your algorithm in your own data visualisation system.

Data Studio Connector 

Integration with Google’s visualisation system. Create your custom dashboards along with all other traffic metrics, campaigns and acquisition channels.

Power BI Connector

Microsoft’s flagship data visualisation system. One of the most complete solutions on the market that you can complete with information on the quality of your leads.

Lead Ratings Dashboard

Do you want to have full control of your sales? Lead intake, lead quality, conversion rate, which channels work best… All the commercial and marketing information in the same channel thanks to the Lead Ratings dashboard.

Advertising Connectors

Connectors that will allow you to improve the acquisition of qualified leads for your business.

Google Connector 

You will be able to create customised audiences based on the highest quality leads. We send lead scoring in real time to improve Google’s algorithm and optimise Adwords, Display and Retargeting campaigns.

Facebook Connector

Create specific and targeted campaigns? Now you can with the Lead Ratings connector. You can target a personalised audience based on their rating or you can create a Lookalike Audience to find users similar to those most valuable to your company.

Want to give it a try?

As you can see, at Lead Ratings we work to make your life easier. If you don’t see the connector with the system you are currently working with, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have it. 

Do you want to know if it would work for you? Request your free trial now.

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