How it works

Lead Ratings harnesses artificial intelligence to identify and prioritise your best leads – helping you optimise campaigns, accelerate your pipeline and improve close rates.

How does Lead Ratings work?

What secrets are hiding in your data?

The average enrolment journey is 10 months from first contact to enrolment, with an average three to five inbound enquiries [made from the prospective student] and 15 to 30 outbound [to the student].

Your leads are leaving a digital trail of up to 700 signals that – if only you could decode them – can tell you if they’re a great prospect.

Here is where the secrets lie. With this many data points there are infinite variables to be found, far too many for a human brain to manage.

Lead Ratings uses AI-powered lead scoring to automatically analyse these variables in current prospects’ data, identify patterns and detect similarities in new prospect profiles, assigning a quality score to any new lead in real time.

Plug and play

Connect Lead Ratings to your marketing automation platform or CRM with a live API connection.

Get your predictive lead scoring

Lead Rating's algorithms discover hidden patterns within your enriched data and identify which students are more likely to enrol.

Make the best decision

The dashboard allow you to see in real time the lead score and prioritise your actions.

Compatible with any CRM or Database

The results

Get ahead of the competition by being the first to contact the most interested students.

+40 %
-25 %
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