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Our lead scoring tool is easily integrated to your marketing automation platform or CRM with a live API connection.


AI-powered lead scoring

Our Lead Rating’s algorithms discover hidden patterns within your enriched data and identify which students are more likely to enrol by analysing thousands of data points. 


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Our powerful dashboard allows you to visualise your data in real time, identify high and bad quality leads and prioritise your actions accordingly.

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How an only university increased enrolments by 40% using Lead Ratings.

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90% of Education Centres aren't making the most of their data

The average enrolment journey is 10 months from first contact to enrolment, with an average of three to five inbound enquiries [made from the prospective student] and 15 to 30 outbound [to the student].

Your leads are leaving a digital trail of up to 700 signals that – if only you could decode them – can tell you if they’re a great prospect.

Lead Ratings uses machine learning to decode your data, find patterns and make accurate predictions on which students are more likely to enrol in your centre.

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