Education Business Case

How an Online University increased their enrolment rate by 40%

The Education Centre

Largest online university in the Spanish speaking market.

  • Founded in 2009.
  • More than 48.000 alumni among 79 countries (27.000 international students).
  • Offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

The Problem

The university had the necessity to manage a large number of leads generated from different marketing campaigns (SEO, SEM, portals, events …). In order to prioritise the leads that were most likely to become an enrolment, they needed a lead qualification system to adjust and personalise their commercial efforts for each potential student.

How did predictive lead scoring help?

The university had 4 goals. The lead scoring tool from Lead Ratings had to offer solutions for the university to be able to perform these 4 goals:

A segmentation of the leads between the ones that are more likely to enrol and the ones that aren’t.

Customise different marketing strategies for each segment

Optimise the campaigns and sales channels based on the segmentation

Increase the conversion rate without reducing the volume of generated leads

The resuts after 3 months


Increase in enrolment rates


Reduction in customer acquisitions costs


Increase in return on investment (ROI)

That's why they improved the enrolment rate

with Lead Ratings they were able to...

What did the data show?

Analysis of Variables

The algorithm was developed from the historical data of previous campaigns . For the study, we analysed the user profile, course of interest and the enrolment variables of the training center.

Performance of the Algorithm

The algorithm determined 5 Ratings or segments based on enrolment likelihood. The analysis detected groups with a propensity to enroll 4 times higher than average.

The Results

In just 4 months the increase in the enrolments (Conversion Rate) was 40%. The adjustment on the sales channels allowed the company to have cost savings (CPA) of 24%


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HOW education centres ARE INCREASING their enrolments by 40%

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